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Timeless in Time

The Autobiographical Writings of Sri Ramana Maharshi
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Paperback Book
World Wisdom
April, 2006
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Timeless in Time, a biography by A.R. Natarajan of the remarkable life and teachings of Ramana Maharshi (1879–1950), is a beautifully written and illustrated work which offers a vivid account of the person “Ramana” (as the author prefers to refer to him) and a choice selection from his sayings and writings. It also includes numerous excerpts of talks with Ramana and his Indian disciples and devotees, among them Gambhiram Seshier, Sivaprakasam Pillai, and Vasishta Ganapati Muni, and also Western admirers such as Paul Brunton and Arthur Osborne, including interviews with them regarding their relations with him.

This lovingly illustrated edition includes autobiographical statements of Sri Ramana Maharshi; the essential teachings of the Maharshi, in his own words; biographical text from A.R. Natarajan, gathered from direct sources; 160 photographs, some published for the first time; a glossary of Hindu terms; and more. The photographs, illustrations, and text combine to convey the powerful presence and teachings of this remarkable man whose influence is still strong among generations of disciples around the world.

Grace is always flowing. It is not an occasional thing. It is causeless and flows forever. It can be experienced by those who meditate.

“Ramana was not a learned pundit or an accomplished academic philosopher; he was rather a living exemplar and embodiment of the deep spirituality and wisdom of the Advaita, or non-dualist, Vedantic tradition which has extended from the early Vedic writings, primarily the Upanishads, to the present. From early childhood, Ramana seemed obsessed with the central Advaitic question ‘Who am I?’ and was able to answer it, as it were, in terms of his own state of realized consciousness of the undifferentiated oneness of being. He is said to have become enlightened when he was only sixteen years old.” —Eliot Deutsch

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A beautifully illustrated book on the life and message of Sri Ramana Maharshi, an Indian saint of recent times, Timeless in Time explores the life of this beloved holy man.

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