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Tomorrow's God

Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge
Paperback Book
Simon & Schuster
January, 2005
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Banyen's Description: 

Tomorrow’s God, from Neale Donald Walsch, author of the popular Conversations with God series, is an extraordinary spiritual statement. Purporting to be the dictation of a direct conversation with God, it places before humankind an unexpected prediction—that our species will create a new God in the very near future. Gone will be the histrionics, requirements and commandments, judgments and punishments of Yesterday’s God. Gone, also, will be humanity’s collective reaction to its belief in Yesterday’s God, which has been ongoing conflict and violence.

Tomorrow’s God describes in detail the character and characteristics of a future Deity whose only emotion is total love for all of humanity and Life itself, and whose agenda includes no other objective than to empower Life to produce more Life, more abundantly and more gloriously in each moment. Striking in its theology and expansive in its cosmology, Tomorrow’s God offers the world a path beyond despair and a just-in-time detour on what many see as its journey to self-destruction.

The book describes not only the new nature of the God of our tomorrows, but how our recreated relationship with this new God will impact and change humanity’s most important social constructions—including politics, business and industry, worldwide commerce, education, and religion—as well as day-to-day life. Showing how this new belief-system is now in the best interests of humankind, Walsch examines the impact of the New Spirituality on such areas as media, music, relationships, and sexuality.

 We are at the edge, you see. We have gone as far as we can go in the direction we have been taking. We need now to change course if we wish to preserve life as we know it on this planet.

Humanity cannot afford any more temper tantrums. We have found a way to pack the end of the world into a briefcase… We have decided that to have dominion over the earth means to destroy it—and to pretend that we don’t know we are doing it…

We are, in short, confused. Yet there is a way out of this confusion and you can play a role in taking us there. This book talks about your role. It says that the next thirty years will see a paradigm shift within humanity so positive, so upheaving, so reshaping, so utterly inside-outing, that it will alter the course of human history. And it invites you—yes, you, the person now holding this book—to join in this reinventing of humanity.

Also by Walsch: Communion with God.

Publisher’s Description: 

From the New York Times bestselling author of The New Revelations and Conversations with God comes a galvanizing vision of spirituality unlike anything you've experienced before....

Humanity is about to create a new form of spirituality on earth. Neale Donald Walsch believes that this New Spirituality will allow humans to express their natural impulse toward the Divine without making one another wrong for the way in which they are doing it...and without killing each other in the name of it. In Tomorrow's God, Walsch offers compelling reasons why adopting this new belief system is in the best interests of humankind -- now.

Tomorrow's God contains an astonishing prediction, one that comes from an astonishing source: God. Presented as a conversation between God and Walsch, this startling, profound book is offered in two parts: Part One deals with humanity's current conception of God, and the new ideas about the Deity that will characterize God in our not-too-distant future. Part Two examines how these ideals will be put into place -- and how they will impact our lives, and help us to create a newer, better world.

Controversial, challenging, and illuminating, Tomorrow's God provides both spiritual and down-to-earth advice on what each of us can do to cope with the current world crises -- and experience God in such a way that ourexperience of one another will be healed at last.
Humanity is about to create a new form of spirituality. This New Spirituality will allow humans to express their natural impulse toward the Divine without making one another wrong for the way in which they are doing it, and without killing one another in the name of it. When the New Spirituality is embraced by humanity, it will, of course, change everything. And that is exactly what is needed now.

This book contains an astonishing prediction. And that prediction comes from an astonishing source. Author Neale Donald Walsch says it comes directly from God. Whether you believe that or not, you will find it difficult not to be swept up in the startling and profound vision of our near future contained here.

Tomorrow’s God says, point-blank, that humanity will soon re-create its experience of God in such a way that our experience of one another will be healed at last.

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