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Tracking The Gods

The Place of Myth in Modern Life
Paperback Book
Inner City
September, 1995
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New in 1995 from James Hollis, author of the popular The Middle Passage.

To track the gods is to see them at work within our sudden panics, our projections, our rages, all the complexes that possess us, exactly as the ancients described—Medea slaying her children, Oedipus rending his eyes, the heavy hand of the gods on a family through the generations....

Tracking the gods means paying feeling attention to the incarnation of the archetypal images, whether they occur in the venue of dream, somatic complaint or political event.... When we understand that the human psyche is the matrix for the experience of the gods, the forge and smithy of divinity, we learn, as Augustine wrote, that “that which thou seekest is near and already coming to meet thee.”

Myth takes us deep into the psychic reservoirs of humanity. Whatever our cultural and religious background or personal psychology, a greater intimacy with myth provides a vital linkage with meaning, the absence of which is so often behind the private and collective neurose of our time. In short, the study of myth is the search for that which connects us most deeply with our own nature and our place in the cosmos. In Tracking the Gods, Jungian analyst James Hollis show how in many ways myths reflect the archetypal roots of our personal psychology, and explains how ancient drives influence and often dominate our behaviour.

We must realize that the burden of meaning has truly shifted to our own shoulders. As obvious as this may seem, the import is enormous. We are required to accept that there is no parent to lead the way, no guru, no ideology to save us from the complexity and ambiguity of life. The measure of our personal development will hinge on two factors: our willingness to accept responsibility for finding our own myth, and our ability to sustain the ambiguity that always precedes a new experience of meaning. This task is critical for the health of both individual and society.

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