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The Transfiguration Of Man

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Paperback Book
World Wisdom Books
October, 1995
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The image of humanity presented by modern psychology is not only fragmentary but misleading. In reality, to be human is to be as if suspended between animality and divinity, but modern thought—whether philosophical or scientific—admits only of animality, practically speaking. Traditional wisdom corrects and perfects the image of man by insisting on his divinity, not by making a god of him but by taking account of his true nature, which is to transcend the earthly, and without which there would be no reason for his existence. It is this that can be called—symbolically speaking—the transfiguration of man.

Schuon’s genius lies in recalling the essential nature of things and thus the basic facts that define our existence and the elements of our happiness. The excesses to which human nature falls prey are masterfully and rigorously outlined, while never losing sight of the fact that man bears within his very substance saving truth, prayer and virtue. Above all, there is here the sense of the Absolute, the vertical dimension that gives meaning to life and without which there can be neither the grandeur, the mystery nor the love by which the soul lives.

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Schuon proposes a view of man contradictory to the image of modern psychology; he views human nature in relationship to God.

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