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Treating Cancer With Herbs

An Integrative Approach
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Paperback Book
Lotus Press
September, 2003
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Cancer, more than any other disease, has captured our fears and projected despair through society. Our bodies have become the experimental “real life” testing grounds for countless chemical toxins, pollutants, refined foods and stresses. Add our genetics, and many forms of cancer are striking every part of our bodies.

While modern medicine has long recognized the healing potential of herbs (some of the most commonly used cancer medicines were originally developed from herbs), we have been programmed to believe that surgery, radiation and chemical therapies are the only successful procedures, though they tend to fail much of the time and can destroy the quality of life to such a degree that many believe the “cure” is worse than the disease.

There is another approach to the treatment of cancer. Pioneering herbalist Michael Tierra, author of The Way of Herbs, here offers his detailed and integrated dietary, lifestyle and herbal approach to treating and preventing cancer. The fruit of his decades of practice and research—replete with many instructive stories from his clinical practice—Treating Cancer with Herbs is about finding cancer’s root causes and applying a holistic understanding of lifestyle, diet, stress-reduction and appropriate nutritional and herbal support to strengthen the body and immune system as well as to restore the spirit and balance the psyche of the cancer patient.

With this integrative approach, a healthy mental and emotional balance joins a healthy approach to life to truly treat cancer. Blending his knowledge of native American herbology, traditional Chinese medicine, clinical experience with herbs and herbal medicine, and deep compassion, Treating Cancer with Herbs includes a 120-page materia medica of herbal applications for the treatment of cancer.

Valuable insights from an herbalist who actually practiced the art for 30 years. While most books report on what others have done, Michael was working with patients and learning what actually works.” —Christopher Hobbs, author of Medicinal Mushrooms

Publisher’s Description: 

A complete systematic approach to treating cancer from a holistic perspective.In this book, Dr. Tierra provides a complete, systematic approach to treating cancer from a holistic perspective, while detailing the entire range of herbs and herbal medicines available to the practitioner and the patient alike. He adds his clinical experience and his deep compassion to create perhaps the definitive guidebook on cancer treatment for today’s world.

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