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The Trip Journal

Hardcover Book
Libra Press
July, 2022
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Publisher’s Description: 

If youve ever done a trip, or even plan to, you know it can be a meaningful experience but also hard to process.The Trip Journalis an easy-to-use guide to help those working with consciousness-expanding practices through their journey.

Trips cover many experiences including psychedelic journeying, breathwork, plant medicine, meditation, and even intensive yoga- all of which can help deepen self-awareness and empower personal growth. What if there was a simple journal that helped you make the most of your trips by giving you space to explore them and showing you how to integrate them into your life? Thats The Trip Journal.

Created by the founders of Field Trip Health, LTD, a premiere public psychedelics company, this guide not only teaches what comprises a psychedelic experience but the research behind the practice. The Trip Journal gives you preparation tips, advice, journal prompts, a psychedelic trip checklist, a trip report section, and everything else you need to process, track, and understand your sessions.

With room to cover ten sessions, this journal safely and effectively helps you to record your trips by breaking the experience into three sections- before, during, and after. Each section also encourages you, by way of carefully crafted prompts based on the latest science and clinical experience, to reflect on your experience at each stage of the journey.

For the curious or the seasoned,The Trip Journalis the essential companion for expanding your mind and opening your heart.

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