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Trust in the Heart

Music CD
Krishna Das
November, 2017
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With Trust in the Heart, Krishna Das has woven together what is perhaps his most stripped-down, elegantly uncompromising collection of recordings. The carefully crafted simplicity of its delivery is powerful.

On this album, all music was recorded in a live studio setting with KD’s leading vocals accompanied by all musicians at once. It is a return to the roots of kirtan, a collection of prayers and chants that would feel equally at home being sung in a temple as being cranked up on a car stereo on a cross-country sojourn, with melodies that recall both American rock as well as traditional Indian influences.

In addition to “Namoh”, a prayer to his Guru, there are long-form prayers to the Guru (“Guru Puja”) and the Divine Mother (“Devi Chant”), as well as 2 new Hanuman Chalisas and a supercharged Mahamantra that features Krishna Das’s daughter, Janaki, on vocals alongside him.

It is an album rich with beautifully understated performances and stunning moments. KD is joined by the usual suspects—Arjun Bruggeman on tabla, Mark Egan on bass, Genevieve Walker on violin, David Nichtern on guitar, John McDowell on percussion and keyboards, Nina Rao on kartals, and Noah Hoffeld on cello.

With Trust in the Heart, Krishna Das offers, with his voice stronger than it has ever sounded, a perfect space for that mysterious elusive divine presence to manifest within our selves. And his authenticity and humility in this offering allows us an opportunity to easily tune into that presence as well.

As I try to find that love within me more intimately, I find it all around me reflected in the hearts of all I meet. The Heart of the Universe holds us all within itself. May we always Trust in the Heart.

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