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Truth is a Pathless Land

Spoken Word CD
Sounds True
August, 2003
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Banyen's Description: 

In the years he traveled the globe between 1920 and 1986, it is estimated that J. Krishnamurti, author of Freedom from the Known, spoke to more people than anyone else in recorded history. His central message: the discovery of truth—enlightenment—cannot be "attained" by following any leader, institution, or ideology, but only through serious personal inquiry into our own experiences.

Now, distilled from thousands of archival recordings preserved by the Krishamurti Foundation, Truth is a Pathless Land offers the essential teachings of this deeply respected figure (who “questioned authority” long before it became fashionable and common) in a powerful two-hour session where we can experience the wisdom, compassion, and friendship of the man David Bohm compared to Einstein for his ability to communicate the deepest of insights.

Krishnamurti asks us to consider with him the fundamental questions that have ever perplexed humankind. When we simply watch closely whatever is occurring—when we allow ourselves to be rather than strive to become—we awaken to a higher consciousness that is our own “great light.”

Listeners are guided to explore:

ª  the limitations of thought, language, and knowledge

ª  mending the “broken” parts of ourselves and society

ª  why “the observer and the observed are one”

Truth is a Pathless Land is a live transmission of quintessential Krishnamurti—an essential guide for anyone seeking inner liberation beyond religions, dogma, or form.

Among Krishnamurti’s many books are Total Freedom and Think on These Things.



Publisher’s Description: 

During his life, Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) was known for his ability to see the core issues of our day with a timeless vision. With a gift for crossing the barriers of time, space, and spirit, he influenced a host of great 20th-century minds, including George Bernard Shaw, Aldous Huxley, and Henry Miller. On Truth is a Pathless Land, Krishnamurti discusses a startling constellation of philosophical issues: love, greed, violence, separation, time, death, conflict, and fear. Includes commentary on the nature of personal and planetary problems and how to resolve inner conflicts. A New Dimensions production.

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