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Tuning Fork Crystal

(4096 Hz not sold with crystal)
Sound Healing + Musical Instruments
Not Available
December, 2013
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Banyen's Description: 

The Crystal Tuner 4096hz  is one of the forks in Angel Tuners Set. When used it amplifies the healing properties of any crystals in the surrounding space. Can be used at the same time as a crystal by striking a quartz crystal gently on its flat base with the tuner. This resonance adds to the purifying tone while being mindful to tap gently. Remember to only use a crystal that is hard enough. This sound frequency is excellent for clearing energy in ones space, objects or auric field.



Publisher’s Description: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Sustained ring times
  • Highest quality durable aluminum alloy material
  • Mathematical precision
  • Individually hand-tuned
  • Guaranteed accuracy of +/- .25% (typically much more accurate)
  • Individually tested 
  • Long handles for easy use

The Crystal Tuner 4096 Hz (part of the Angel Tuners Set) amplifies the healing energy of any crystal, particularly quartz crystals, through sound vibration. Any crystal activated by the Crystal Tuner creates a bridge between the Cosmos and the physical body. Use this fork to activate any crystal as you direct the crystal's energy toward the intended recipient.

The Crystal Tuner can also clear unwanted energies contained with a crystal. Simply tap the Crystal Tuner on an Tuning Fork Activator and hold the stem end on the crystal for about 30 seconds.

To direct crystal energies toward someone, tap tuner gently on hard surface or Tuning Fork Activator and place stem on crystal while directing it toward the desired recipient. To clear and energize quartz crystals, simply tone the fork and move the fork around the crystal. To program quartz crystal, tone fork and move around crystal while sending intended thoughts.

Some have used it like smudge or any other clearing mechanism to clear energies such as:

  • person's aura
  • person’s chakras
  • various body points via reflex zones
  • acupuncture points and meridians
  • previous energies from rooms
  • energies of arguments or fights from people & room
  • bed from nightmare energy
  • food from chemicals
  • newly purchased items
  • items you have been given
  • Earth ley lines, vortexes, acupuncture points, and garden locations
  • trees, flowers, shrubs, etc.
  • animals and houseplants

I kindly thank John Beaulieu for his research and development of this tuning fork.

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