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Tuning Fork I Am That I Am

Sound Healing + Musical Instruments
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January, 2014
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Publisher’s Description: 

The I AM THAT I AM Tuning Fork is the vibration of the unification of the Human I AM consciousness with the Higher I AM consciousness. J.J. Hurtak says it is the Merkabah of Being. By toning this fork and chanting its frequency, we become fully aware of and fully embodied with our Oneness with God. It is the moment that God meets God. In other words, it is the moment when we realize and embrace that We are God. It is the completion of the Holy Plan.


In truth, we are made up of the same stuff as God, for He made us in his own image (Adam Qadmon). It's the holographic principle that All creation is simply a different reflection of the One, the Only, Creator of all creation. We are all cut from the same cloth, if you will, each of us being a different color, pattern and texture depending on what part of the cloth you see. Another metaphor is that we are all part of the same crystal, each simply reflecting a different facet, shining our Light in our own unique way. I am reminded of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, when he said "we are all made of star stuff".

  • Made in the USA
  • Equal or Better sustained Ring Times
  • Highest Quality Durable Aluminum Alloy Material
  • Mathematical Precision
  • Individually Hand-Tuned
  • Guaranteed Accuracy of +/- .25% (typically much more accurate)
  • Individually Tested and Retested at least 2 times before shipment.
  • Precise Temperature Controlled Environment
  • State-of-Art Machinery
  • Expertly Trained & Seasoned Personnel
  • Longer Handles

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