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Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

Paperback Book
March, 1999
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This new handbook from Timothy Leary re-presents chapters 12 to 22 of his larger book The Politics of Ecstasy. Written in the high times of the early psychedelic era (the mid 1960s), Turn On, Tune in, Drop Out is Timothy Leary at his Pied Piper best, a distinguished psychology prof gone paisley in his adventurous psychedelic blossoming. As a Hermes/Trickster for his times, he beckons with humor and irreverence, a great visionary of individual empowerment, personal responsibility, and spiritual awakening.

LSD is the electron microscope of psychology… The LSD gamble is that risk that men have faced for thousands of years if they wished to pursue what lay beyond their mind… The discipline of LSD is without doubt the most complex and demanding task that man on this planet has yet confronted.

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