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The Ultimate Journey

Consciousness and the Mystery of Death
Paperback Book
June, 2006
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Stanislav Grof, author of LSD Psychotherapy and originator of Holotropic Breathwork, here offers a wealth of perspectives on enriching and transforming the experience of dying in our culture.

Beyond personal history and archetypal themes, a comprehensive psychology must also address the fundamental significance of birth and death. Stanislav Grof, M.D., renowned for his pioneering contributions regarding the psychological and spiritual aspects of the birth process, now adds invaluable insights from more than half a century of research and personal discovery into the experience of death and dying.

Grof discusses his own patients’ experiences of death and rebirth in psychedelic therapy, investigates cross-cultural beliefs, paranormal and near-death research, and argues that, contrary to the predominant Western perspective, death is not necessarily the end of consciousness. The Ultimate Journey challenges us all, and how we approach it is much more than a major personal issue.

In my experience, individuals who are able to confront death and come to terms with it in their inner process tend to develop a sense of planetary citizenship, reverence for life in all its forms, deep ecological sensitivity, spirituality of a universal and all-encompassing type, aversion to violence, and an aversion to view aggression as an acceptable form of conflict resolution. Such radical inner transformation and rise to a new level of consciousness might be humanity’s only real chance for survival.

The Ultimate Journey describes ancient and aboriginal ritual and spiritual practices that help us understand the experience of death, develop effective ways of making dying easier, and integrate it as a meaningful part of life. It also summarizes modern studies that shed new light on a variety of phenomena related to death and dying, including psycho-spiritual death and rebirth, near-death experiences, and the new, expanded cartography of the psyche that has emerged from Grof’s fifty years of research of psychedelic therapy, Holotropic Breathwork, and spontaneous psycho-spiritual crises.

Fabulous colour and black-and-white images also provide deeper, historical dimensions to the book.

“A truly wise and mind-opening contribution to the field.” —Jack Kornfield

Among Grof’s other books: The Adventure of Self-Discovery and When the Impossible Happens.

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