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Unlearning Back To God

Essays on Inwardness, 1985-2005
Paperback Book
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February, 2006
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Here are twenty-one essays by the noted and prolific poet, Mark Nepo, who is also an insightful religious thinker and a decidedly credible voice of contemporary spirituality. These seeds of inquiry were, as Nepo suggests, grown over time with their own sense of alchemy in the crucible of dialogue and sincerity. Topics ranging from God, Self and Medicine to Spiritual Ethics and even a chapter entitled Chores all address the Mystery and return the reader time and again to a state of original wonder. According to Nepo, the lesson most worth teaching is how to uncover our original center and how to live there once it is restored. As a poet, these essays are often lyrical, if not, downright written in poet-speak. Nepo confides, The most crucial challenge of being human is to sing the cage into a nest. He goes on to explain that we are too often so wrapped in our illusions that we need crisis to open us. NepoÆs own experiences advise us to live in such a way that the wonder of feeling out-fuels the pain of breaking. The book is also laden with insightful quotes by everyone from Yeats to Thomas Merton to Lao Tzu, but most of all, the ever quotable Mark Nepo, who concludes that In effect, love is the spiritÆs final name for energy, and it enables us to endure change. Love is the apex of human attention that keeps us supple enough to bend and not break. Love is the conduit to finding God in self. You may very well feel this way after reading Mark Nepo’s "Unlearning Back to God".
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