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Uplifting Prayers to Light Your Way

200 Invocations for Challenging Times
Paperback Book
Hay House Publishing Ltd - USD
September, 2017
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Now in paperback: New York Times best-selling author and worldwide spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette offers a prayer book-specifically asked for by her readers-that brings support, direction, and inner peace to those struggling in life and yearning for spiritual growth and serenity.
I cannot imagine my life without prayer. It would be like trying to survive without oxygen. Prayer sustains my soul and comforts my anxious mind. And like oxygen, I can't live without it. - Sonia
In the course of our lives, there are occasions when we're all asked to grow on a soul level. These transitions can be very challenging, even frightening. We might encounter sudden and unexpected changes, or life may feel overwhelming and unsatisfying in a way we can no longer ignore.

During these times, we can use all the divine assistance possible to illuminate our next steps. In this book, New York Times best-selling author and spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette shares uplifting prayers especially designed to be used during these periods of soul growth and challenge. These heartfelt invocations will help you stay connected to your intuitive spirit so that you may receive support from your ever-present, loving Divine Creator and all your unseen spiritual helpers who are here to guide you through difficult times.

Each beautiful and intimate prayer will give you the strength and good humor to keep flowing with life-even when it flows in turbulent and confusing ways-and enable you to face whatever the universe may put in your path with renewed courage and confidence, and a deep sense of peace and optimism.

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