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Vegan Entanglements

Dismantling Racial and Carceral Capitalism
Paperback Book
Lantern Publishing & Media
February, 2022
$37.50 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Scholarly and personal essays on the intersections of the prison-industrial complex, industrial animal agriculture, and capitalism.

Systems of oppression function by exploiting the most vulnerable amongst us. Where these oppressive systems overlap, the victims are pitted against one another. Slaughterhouses provide a particularly brutal example, wherein speciesism, capitalism, and carcerality intersect at the expense of their collective victims.

In a dozen compelling essays from around the world, Vegan Entanglements: Dismantling Racial and Carceral Capitalism examines the ways human and animal bodies are controlled, manipulated, and sectioned within a system that commodifies labor, production, and individual beings for profit.

The book is divided into four sections:

  • 1: The Intersection(s) Between Prison- and Animal-Industrial Complexes
  • 2: Critical Animal Geographies and the Panopticon
  • 3: Law, Veganism, and the Carceral State
  • 4: Fighting for Our Collective Liberation with Consistent Anti-Oppression

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