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The Vein Of Gold

A Journey to Your Creative Heart
Paperback Book
September, 1997
$21.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Now in paperback is this eagerly awaited companion to The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron’s first book which has inspired so many to decipher, play around with, and pursue their creative dreams. In The Vein of Gold, she again draws from her extensive artistic and teaching experience to lead readers to ever-widening creative horizons.

When I speak of a “vein of gold,” many people think in terms of productivity. “Once I find my vein of gold, I’ll strike it rich.” It is more accurate to think of the vein of gold as a heart vessel, carrying the precious cargo of the flow of our true nature. Viewed this way, we don’t need to “get” rich. We already are rich. This is a book about coming to that recognition.

Remember... art is made through a series of moments—choices—leading each to the next. Life is made the same way. When we desire to live artfully, we must live not only consciously but concretely. We must shape our life. This book is a series of healing tools intended as a prescription for artful living.

 An extraordinarily valuable book of learning through doing, The Vein of Gold holds inspiring teachings on the creative process and more than a hundred imaginative, involving, and energizing tasks. Each task involves the reader in “inner play,” leading to authentic growth, renewal, and healing.

Creativity is an act of survival. It organizes and gives voice to experience. For creative beings (and we are all creative beings), experience is only half of an experience. We experience life and then digest it by making something out of our experience. Creativity makes life useful to us. It also makes us useful to life.

As Michell Cassou and Stewart Cubley write: “All repressed feelings accumulate inside then become more and more threatening as time goes on. The error is to ignore them. They may be huge, bloodthirsty, and glow in the dark but they are cardboard demons and they lose their power as soon as they have been painted.”

Or written.

Or drawn.

Or danced.

Or sculpted.

Or sewn.

Or sung.

Or . . .

Julia’s writing is “in your face,” encouraging of risk-taking, and infectiously explicit about what it takes to “get on with it.”

Task: Get Current in Your Household

This is another task that, like the painting task, will give you an immediate, visible result. It is also very cathartic. Begin by finding one or two large cardboard cartons. Now, go through your house and into one of the cartons toss all of the extraneous papers you have accumulated—except for ten old magazines with pictures that you will be using later.

This means that into the box go newspapers, old letters you really won’t reread, scraps of wrapping paper that you don’t really like, broken-down smaller boxes, at least some of the nine hundred folded paper bags you have been saving for the day you will need them to take groceries back to the store. You get the idea. Work until you can see some clean surfaces, until you have some empty drawers again. Dispose of this paper carton as seems environmentally best to you.

Carton number two is for closets and clothing drawers. Into it goes all your “low-self-worth clothing” to be quickly followed by those things that are lovely but you just don’t wear. Be a little ruthless. Look at the wardrobe and pare it down, toss it out, send it back into the Universe. How can anything new come into a life that is over-stuffed with everything old? On with the show!


Publisher’s Description: 

Book cover-In the Vein of Gold:...Cameron again draws from her extensive artistic and teaching experience to steer readers toward ever-widening creative horizons. This extraordinary book of learning through doing features inspiring teachings on the creative process and more than one hundred imaginative, involving, and eneergizing tasks...

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