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Visits to Saints of India

Paperback Book
Crystal Clarity Publishers
February, 2019
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In 1958 and 1972, Swami Kriyananda (a close and direct disciple of the great Indian spiritual master Paramhansa Yoganandaauthor of Autobiography of a Yogi) traveled to India, meeting a number of great saints in that distant land and writing about his experiences in a series of letters to spiritual friends, and brother and sister disciples.
This book captures the spirit of Yogananda's classic autobiography and other enlightening accounts of sacred experiences in the East. In Visits to Saints of India we walk alongside Kriyananda and see India and its spiritual representatives through his eyesthe eyes of an advanced Western yogi and truth seeker.
As Kriyananda wrote in the prologue to this book:
India! Land of great saints and yogis. One has only to set foot on that sacred ground, if he is sensitive, to feel the blessings rising up therefrom. Fittingly did Paramhansa Yogananda end his life with the last words of his poem, My India:
I am hallowed. My body touched that sod.

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