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Wabi Sabi

The Art of Everyday Life
Paperback Book
Storey Books
August, 2006
$12.50 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

With slow living as the newest incarnation of the simplicity movement, the search for fresh inspiration on ways to live a more authentic life is as pressing as ever. Turning to Eastern traditions, people are discovering the Japanese concept of wabi sabi.

The perfect antidote to todays frenzied, consumer-oriented culture, wabi sabi encourages slowing down, living modestly, and appreciating the natural and imperfect aspect of material culture. While defying definition, wabi sabi is best expressed in brief, evocative bites.

InWabi Sabi, Diane Durston presents a collection of reflections, along with classic poetry and verse from both Eastern and Western traditions, that captures the wabi sabi moment and inspires you to do the same. The subtle beauty of nature, the simplicity of a found object, the impermanence of an autumnal flower arrangement, the solitude of a single fisherman in his boat---all are celebrated and reflected on in this browseable book. The text is complemented by photography and calligraphy inspired by the wabi-sabi spirit.

This collection of simple, yet profound insights in an irresistable, hold-in-the-hand package gives you the chance to integrate moments of contemplation and meditation into your daily life and to discover the essence of wabi sabi.

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