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Waking to Ordinary Life

Paperback Book
Hohm Press
June, 2011
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Waking to Ordinary Life speaks directly to the false presumption that our relationship to the Divine, to Spirit, somehow precludes a simple life based in human maturity, dignity and kindness toward others. It casts unrelenting light on how clear-cut spiritual practice actually is, if only we have the courage to choose it.
This courage, the author states, means squarely facing the unconscious or destructive habits we’ve used since childhood to keep us comforted, and to get us through the day. Lalitha challenges and guides her readers in how to work with this denial mechanism, and how to pay attention to the body’s innate wisdom which consistently signals us, yet is generally overridden.

“We can grow up!” she exclaims, demonstrating what this means for the practitioner on any spiritual path. Waking to Ordinary Life is derived from recent talks and conversations Lalitha, a teacher in the Western Baul tradition, has held with her students and those interested in spiritual practice, making its message fresh, accessible and real. Her many examples bypass heady concepts and pretty words, and bring the reader down to earth where messy relationships, greed and cancer must be handled.

Overall, the book emphasizes that merely understanding the nature of mind, and how mind creates neurosis, does not dispel the neurosis. For that, consistent, accurately-directed effort (i.e., practice) is required. Paradoxically, the author asserts that such effort may actually consist in relaxing, especially the habits of self-hatred. Her wise counsel encourages simple daily practice for the purpose of infusing this knowledge into the body, and thus affecting one’s behavior on every level. The bottom line is to rest in the unadorned truth.

“If you have spiritual guts, then there are priceless treasures here that no serious practitioner can afford to miss. It is deeply wise and the wisdom is grounded, practical, accessible, useful immediately.” —Red Hawk, author of Self Observation



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