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Walking with the Ineffable

A Spiritual Memoir (with Cats)
Paperback Book
Green Writers Press
August, 2019
$29.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Have you been touched by the Mystery? You may not remember it but we have all been touched in some mysterious way by the divine. Though we know that traumatic memories are often suppressed, the fact that we all, particularly as children, are likely to have had significant spiritual experiences of great goodness and importance to us is generally rejected, its remembrance discouraged. But these experiences remain within us, ready to re-awaken, when the right catalyst enters our lives. Walking with the Ineffable is a memoir of one womans walk through the mystery of spiritual experiences. It is about the changing weather of belief: what we believe, why we believe, and when we believe. Steeped in the mysticism of Christian, Sufic, and other spiritual transmissions and pilgrimages, the author, aided by a vibrant company of a host of wise-eyed, mischievous cats, brings a broad spiritual perspective to the perennial quest of the human soul to know itself and its Maker, and to the discovery of that hidden splendor, waiting to shine, in the depths of us all.

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