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The Way of Passion

A Celebration of Rumi
Paperback Book
December, 2000
$21.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

The Way of Passion is based on an extraordinary lecture series Harvey gave at the California Institute of Integral Studies in Spring 1993, a series whose core group of students grew by word of mouth to crowds of hundreds. This book faithfully maintains the spirit of the original lectures and also features a new selection of Harvey’s masterful translations of Rumi’s poetry. It transmits Rumi’s message authentically—charismatically conveying the timelessness of Rumi’s vision and its special relevance to the spiritual crisis at the heart of contemporary Western life.

Look at how easily and fatuously we are distracted from anything serious by the dancing trivia of a trash culture. Look how we have been enslaved by the stupidest, most banal, and worst in ourselves, how we refuse again and again to take the journey into ecstasy which costs everything, the journey into joy which is really demanding, the journey into the kind of transcendence about which Rumi and Rilke and all the mystics are talking—which will demand of us that we make one decision: to live in happiness and in origin, not in the depression, doubt, and desolation that we had mistakenly deified as wisdom in our culture.

I’m tired of cowards, I want to live with lions

With Moses, not whining teary people.

I want the ranting of drunkards.

What we are longing for, what we are praying for, is the return of the drunkards of God, the return of those—the scientists, artists, dancers, and musicians—who are drunk on the Divine and who can communicate that drunkenness.

The Way of Passion is a brilliantly clear, ecstatic book. With these generous and direct words, Andrew Harvey somehow takes you into the silence at the center of sacred art. Amazingly naked and beyond definition.” —Coleman Barks, author of Open Secret and many other books of Rumi translations

Also by Andrew Harvey are Son of Man and The Direct Path.

Publisher’s Description: 

A powerful interpretation of Rumi and his message of divine love and union. The Way of Passion, a penetrating antidote to today’s spiritual crises, presents Rumi’s magnificent visions of spiritual surrender and mystical union.

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