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The Way of a Pilgrim

Paperback Book
HarperCollins Publishers
August, 1991
$19.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Written in the 19th century by an anonymous Russian pilgrim and translated from the Russian by R.M. French, this little book has become a spiritual classic on the Jesus Prayer. Filled with insights on how to maintain a prayerful presence in the face of predicaments, adventures and calamities, it was preserved for posterity by the pilgrim's spiritual adviser, a wise old monk who recorded these tales of the pilgrim's dedicated life-style, and then began to pass the manuscript on to those who wanted to know why Jesus told his disciples to "pray without ceasing." This narrative about the wayfarer's longings to communicate with God is especially inspiring and apt for today's busy person who is looking for that quiet center of spiritual strength.

Huston Smith calls this "a classic of Russian spirituality" in his introduction.

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