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The Way of a Pilgrim

Candid Tales of a Wanderer to His Spiritual Father
Paperback Book
Penguin Publishing Group
March, 2019
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The simple but profound story of a life of detachment through wandering and prayer, and one of the most widely circulated prayer guides in the world.

In 1884, a slim volume containing four short tales appeared in Russia telling of a pilgrim, a lone wanderer, led by his quiet curiosity and deep spiritual longing to undertake a lifelong journey across the land. The pilgrim's ancient journey takes him from a city monastery through forests, fields and the steppes of Siberia. He walks by day and by night, through rain and summer months, finding food and shelter where he can. Along the way, he encounters priests and professors, convicts, nuns and beggars, a tipsy old man in a soldier's greatcoat, from whom he slowly gathers great stores of wisdom and experience. But at the heart of his journey is his time spent praying as he journeys alone, discovering the peace and consolation that come from constant prayer and silent contemplation. Simple and sincere, The Way of a Pilgrim paints an enduring picture of a life of detachment through wandering and prayer. And, as the pilgrim makes his way through the wilds, he invites us to travel with him along an ancient path into an immense, mystical landscape.

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