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What to Do When You Can't Decide

Useful Tools for Finding the Answers Within
Paperback Book
Sounds True
June, 2010
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You’re at a fork in the road. Now what? It may surprise you, but according to Meg Lundstrom, you already have the answer—if you just know how to tap your inner-guidance system. With What to Do When You Can’t Decide, she teaches us three effective divining tools for accessing our innate wisdom:

ª  “Pendling,” a method that uses a handheld instrument

ª  “The Chits,” an easy pen-and-paper technique

ª   “Muscle testing,” an on-the-spot technique that allows your fingers to “do the talking.” Bypassing the conscious mind to access your deeper subconscious intelligence, these techniques can help you make reliable decisions, end second-guessing, and enhance the flow in your life. The book includes many practical exercises, a troubleshooting guide, and advanced techniques for deciding what to do in any situation.

 If you’ve never divined before, this book lays out the landscape so you can choose what works for you and attain precise, useful results in a short time. If you’ve dipped into divining now and then—maybe you have a pendulum sitting in a drawer somewhere—you’ll learn systematically how to improve your results so that you move fully and exuberantly through the world, even when the going gets rough. And if you’re already accomplished at divining, the creativity of divining experts interviewed for this book may inspire you to try new approaches and lines of questioning.

The emphasis in this book is on decision-making in the moment. It is not fortune-telling… This book is about decision-making for you alone, not for others.

Meg Lundstrom first discovered divining on a trip to India: over the next 20 years, she studied its power for decision-making and as a spiritual path. She is also co-author of The Power of Flow, a book on synchronicity.



Publisher’s Description: 

From small decisions like choosing grocery items to bigger questions about relationships and careers, the co-author of "The Power of Flow" offers practical tools to help readers confidently move forward on their life's journey.

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