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What to Remember When Waking

The Disciplines of an Everyday Life
Spoken Word CD
Sounds True
April, 2010
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A poet like David Whyte turns words into transcendent vehicles for spirit. With What to Remember When Waking, this celebrated writer and teacher reveals how our reality is created through conversation with the universe—what he calls “the great conversation” which is a give-and-take relationship between our vision of ourselves and the unfolding mystery of reality.

Yet there are many conscious and unconscious ways that we often avoid living at this ever moving frontier. Do you diminish life by attempting to assign names to everything instead of living more robustly with the unknown? Even more importantly, are you turning a blind eye to the invisible help that is all around you?

With penetrating insights and gentle guidance, Whyte illuminates the core competencies that we must build to fully engage in the richness that life offers—and to express our true work in the world.

 We do not always move forward because of the plans we make or the effort we expend. The conversation itself more often does the true work of transformation.

“Make sure the conversation is alive.” On this new six-hour audio-learning course, teacher/poet Whyte shows us how to live at the frontier between the spiritual and physical needs of everyday life; how deeper states of attention and intention can transform our own identity; and how we become more courageous, more present to a deeper understanding of ourselves, our loved ones, and our world.

Among David Whyte’s other books are River Flow: New Poems and The Heart Aroused.



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