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White Eagle On Divine Mother, The Feminine, And The Mysteries

Paperback Book
February, 2005
$19.50 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Most people who have a sense of reverence for life also sense a strong feminine energy at the heart of life. White Eagle speaks of a divine Feminine who neither supplants the masculine God nor is overshadowed by Him. Rather, this new book avoids focusing on the gender of spirit to provide pure inspiration that will lead you on a path that is rich with understanding of all that life brings. Included in this book is a substantial amount of teaching about ancient worship, Mary, the myth of Isis and Osiris, and the stone monuments that are to be found all round the world. About White Eagle White Eagle is the name by which we know a very wise and loving teacher in the world of spirit. He brought about the formation of the Lodge in 1936 through his earthly instrument Grace Cooke, and since her death (1979) and that of her husband Ivan (1981) White Eagle’s inspiration - and theirs - has continued to guide the work of the Lodge. The name "White Eagle" is not attached only to an individual, but stands for a true vision through the mists of earth into a larger and more perfect life.

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