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The Whole Body Approach to Allergy and Sinus Health

Paperback Book
Basic Health
April, 2014
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Whatever affects one part of the respiratory system may affect all other parts. Its common for an allergy that festers to lead to sinusitis and then to asthma. But all these conditions involve your whole body. Thats why Murray Grossan, M.D., a well-known otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist) and head and neck surgeon, believes you need to learn how to engage the healing attributes of your entire body to cure the full range of respiratory problems.

As a longtime, highly regarded practitioner, Dr. Grossan has adopted a holistic methodology for allergy and sinus health in addition to conventional medical practices. He advocates what he calls the Whole Body Approach (WBA) that includes tools needed to take charge of your own healing. For instance, to promote natural healing in the nose, Dr. Grossan recommends humming, because the vibration of the sound stimulates your nasal cilia [tiny hairs] to move faster which breaks up thick mucus that may impede cilia movement following an allergy season. Humming loudly and in a low frequencysuch as ooommmmdoesnt allow harmful bacteria to build up which can produce the toxins that cause sinus disease. Dr. Grossan also recommends using pulse-wave nasal irrigation and drinking hot lemon/lime drinks or teas with honey for positive cilia movement and allergy relief.

Dr. Grossan bases his WBA on new discoveries about how the body heals, particularly psychoneuroimmunology, the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems. Relaxation, smiling, humor, biofeedback, and five-sensory visualization are in this tool kit. Some WBA activities he suggests are common-sense practices. For instance, when dealing with a seasonal allergy, avoid getting chilled and get good sleep. But were inclined to adopt such old-fashioned remedies because we know they work.

While Dr. Grossan discusses sound, time-tested medical practices for everything from sinus headaches to postnasal drip, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pollution-induced bronchial inflammation, asthma, snoring, loss of smell or taste, surgery and pediatric issues, he raises WBA for every issue. Lacing the text with humorous examples of how unconventional healing techniques cured people, Dr. Grossan has written a comprehensive review of the latest treatments, both holistic and medical, for the full range of respiratory ailments.

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