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Why Walk When You Can Fly

Soar Beyond Your Fears and Love Yourself and Others Unconditionally
Paperback Book
New World Library
November, 2008
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Banyen's Description: 

Those who seek change allow themselves to fly. Those who feel inadequate cling to the branch. Which are you? If you are clinging to the branch, what are you holding on to that stops you from flying? What will you not let go of? These questions are at the heart of spiritual teacher Isha’s book. She offers a comprehensive introduction to the Isha System, using parables, moving stories, and humour to impart essential truths and powerful tools, which she calls “facets”.

The first facet involves embracing the present moment; Isha explores the many habits of the mind that lead to suffering and offers a tool for healing them. Second is accepting what is, without judgement; third is loving oneself and others unconditionally; and the fourth facet is about being one with the Universe.

If you can rekindle the lost innocence of childhood while at the same time maintaining the maturity and sense of responsibility you have gained from adulthood this simple system will work rapidly and profoundly, transforming your life in ways you can’t imagine.

Based in Uruguay, Isha has taken her system into high-security prisons, hospitals, children’s homes, and to ex-guerilla soldiers. The teachings are practical and easy to incorporate into daily life, yet they produce a profound inner transformation, returning the individual to a place of self-love. Upon experiencing this love, our world begins to change dramatically.

“This is an important, even essential book. We live in a time when millions are being called to spread their wings and fly, bringing into manifestation a world that reflects our highest dreams. The only barrier is fear, and Isha’s book gives practical ways to release fear’s hold over our lives and cut the branch. And if you want to know what that means, you’ll simply have to read this book.’’ —James Twyman, author of The Moses Code

Publisher’s Description: 

Isha is a captivating spiritual teacher who has inspired profound inner change in thousands of individuals from all walks of life. In this work, she offers a comprehensive introduction to the Isha System, which is revolutionizing spirituality throughout the world.

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