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Wide Awake

A Buddhist Guide For Teens
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Paperback Book
August, 2003
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A wise companion for any teen trying to navigate the tumultuous terrain of the teen and young adult years, Wide Awake is “a really good, honest book on Buddhism for teens. She’s been there and tells how you can do it yourself,” says Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart. Nimbly translating the Buddha’s teachings into the language of modern teens, she makes the ancient wisdom relevant to their concerns. A significant contribution to the awakening of the West, this book teaches about:

ª  Discovering truth in a world of hype and self-interest

ª  Finding peace amid the ups and downs

ª  How to stop judging yourself and accept your complexities and contradictions

ª  Working with difficult emotions

ª  Learning how to meditate

The point of meditation is not to be a superhero… The point of meditation is to cultivate an awareness that can be present with whatever is happening.

ª  Dealing with temptations and making the right decisions about sex and drugs

ª  Using wise speech to avoid getting caught up in gossip

ª  Getting out in the world by finding ways to volunteer, work for peace, and protect the Earth. Included are exercises with each chapter, and resource lists of good books and meditation centres.

My hope is that this book can serve as a handbook for the roller coaster of the teenage years. I see it as a compass for when we are lost in difficult times, and a companion for wonderful times as well. The book is abased on the incredible wisdom of a 2,500-year-old tradition that still has value for us today.

“Diana Winston writes with astonishing clarity and simplicity about deep spiritual matters. Though Wide Awake is a terrific Buddhist guide for young people, I confess that I learned quite a bit from it myself!” —Norman Fischer, author of Taking Our Places

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Written specifically for young "seekers" and those wanting to understand the ancient teachings, this book will guide young people through modern-day issues while revealing the fundamentals of Buddhism.

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