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The Wild Card of Creation

An Evening with Mythologist and Storyteller Michael Meade
Mosaic Multicultural Foundation
December, 2017
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The Wild Card of Creation refers to the unique ability of the human soul to connect to the Soul of the World and thereby bring beauty and healing to both culture and nature. On this recording, filmed at Bastyr University in Seattle, Michael Meade offers a tour de force presentation on the awakening and intensification of the individual human soul in the midst of a troubled world. Meade argues that if there is “no change at the level of the human soul, there can be no change at the level of the world.” Change, so greatly desired, is not easily accomplished because genuine change requires one’s whole life to be altered; mind and body, spirit and soul. Soul is the source of change; it is the secret center that can move both heaven and earth.

Michael Meade is a persistently provocative mythic teacher, storyteller and drummer (he often drums while telling traditional stories) whose books include The Genius Myth, The Water of Life, and others. He also has many vivid teaching audio CDs and now DVDs as well. He was also a primary editor (along with Robert Bly and James Hillman) of the iconic poetry anthology, The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart.

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