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Wisdom of the Ages

60 Days to Enlightenment
Paperback Book
April, 2002
$21.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Here is popular inspirational teacher Wayne Dyer’s take on “What do our ancestral scholars, whom we consider the wisest and most spiritually advanced, have to say to us today?” Dyer has collected his favourite sages—some sixty of them—from the past 25 centuries, and chosen a characteristic poem, saying, or writing to share with us. He attributes a quality or lesson to each, such as “Balance,” “Nonviolence,” “Awe,” “Kindness,” “Fear and Risk-Taking,” “Truth/Beauty,” and “Prayer.” Among the range of sages of the ages included are Buddha, St. Francis of Assisi, Rumi, Patanjali, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Blake, Goethe, Thoreau, Melville, Whitman, Gibran, Yeats, Tagore, Yogananda, e.e cummings, and Mother Teresa.

Dyer uses each quote (and many are very touching and vivid) as a springboard for his own reflections on that quality he names, offering contemporary perspectives and suggestions of several ways to put the wisdom of each piece into your life.

Poetry is the language of the heart, and you are about to have your heart touched by sixty majestic souls who wrote directly to you from another place and another time. This book will serve you best if you think of it as a way of reconnecting to those great souls who have left our material world in body form but are still very much with us in a spiritual sense.

I encourage you to make this book a two-month renovation project of your soul in which you read only one selection each day and then make a conscious effort to apply the suggestions that day.

Among Wayne Dyer’s other books are Manifest Your Destiny and Your Sacred Self.

Publisher’s Description: 

Bestselling author Wayne W. Dyer has crafted a powerful collection of writings, poems, and sayings by some of the greatest thinkers of the past twentyfive centuries. In succinct original essays, Dyer sets out to explain the meaning and context of each piece of wisdom, and, most important, how we can actively apply these teachings to our modern lives.

A beautiful and thoughtful gift, this book shows us a window to wisdom and a door to greatness.

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