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Wolf Girl

Finding Myself in the Wild
Paperback Book
Propriometrics Press
April, 2020
$19.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Through the Pacific Northwest forests and along the rugged coastal shores of California: a young environmentalists coming-of- age story about learning, discovery, and survival

Wolf Girl takes readers on Donigas journey: from the wilderness immersion school where she was taught by Indigenous elders and wildlife trackers, to hitchhiking across the Pacific Northwest, to Alaska, where she fell in love with tracking wolves. These experiences shaped and inspired Doniga to become the leader in the regenerative agricultural movement that she is today.

Todays youth are at the forefront of climate change activism, and will see themselves in Donigas story, in the message that you can find yourself by findingand fighting foryour place within the world at large.

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