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Words of Fire and Faith

A View from the Edge
Paperback Book
Hohm Press
June, 2013
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Words of Fire and Faith contains the final handwritten teachings of Lee Lozowick (1943–2010) given during the last 18 months of his life. During that time Lee lived in the crucible of a terminal illness that limited his ability to speak. He called these intimate epistles “Words of Fire and Faith.”

Here the reader encounters a living flame that is simultaneously full of tenderness and compassion for the human predicament. As Lee walked the razor's edge of his last months with dignity, grace and an unflagging commitment to the Path, so are his words imbued with an inner fire that burns away the identification and entrenched attachments of our self-preoccupation.

These essays are a testimony of the author’s own radical faith rooted in surrender to the Supreme Reality, fully incarnated in a lifetime of devotion to his spiritual master, Yogi Ramsuratkumar. In a natural outpouring, this book contains pith teachings as well as Lee’s sense of humor, tenderness, generosity and compassion, which characterized his work since its inception in 1975.

As he wrote, Lee was engaged in extreme discipline, which honed his body and being into a state of illuminated clarity; his relentless communication was direct, made from heart to heart.

His writings speak to universal themes: self-honesty, cultivating attention; sanctuary; working with vanity, pride, lust; enlightened culture; recognizing reality as it is, faith, grace, divine ravishment, and relationship with the Beloved.

This book will enliven students of all spiritual paths, particularly those who are confronting their own mortality.

What are you going to do about your clutter? For this is the opportunity to shed some weight, lots of weight, recent weight and old, old weight... We are also talking about all of the psychic/psychological blood-suckers, the parasites, mind and cellular and soul, that are leeching you dry... You know, all the “I couldn’t help myself” junk, all the overbearing emotional states, the clinging to childhood dynamics and antiquated survival strategies and so on...

There is no “how to”—you just put it down and walk away.

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