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The World Dream Book

Use the Wisdom of World Cultures to Uncover Your Dream Power
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Paperback Book
Inner Traditions
December, 2002
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Dreaming can be tapped as a tool for understanding our own consciousness, enhancing creativity, receiving visions for guidance and discernment, conquering fears, interpreting recent events, healing the body, and evolving the soul. The World Dream Book extends beyond Jung and Freud to include dream theory and practices from a number of world cultures, including the Temiar of Malaya, the African Ibans, the Lepchka of the
Himalayas, the Ute of North America, the Siwa people of the
Libyan desert, the Naskapi Indians of Labrador, and others.

Challenging the assumption that all symbols universally signify the same thing to all dreamers, Bluestone encourages readers to develop their own, personalized symbols for understanding their consciousness and provides a series of stories, multicultural techniques, and games to help them do so. Playful “Dream Explorations,” such as the aboriginal “Sipping the Water of the Moon,” teach how to induce, recall, interpret, and utilize the power in dreams. With inspiring tellings of traditional dream tales from many cultures and engaging personal stories and anecdotes throughout, Bluestone demonstrates that, with a few fairly simple tools, everyone has the capacity to cultivate their full dreaming potential.

The written word is magic and a journal is an essential part of any dream play or work… Dreams are easy to forget. They slip out of our waking minds softly but completely each morning. We need to hold on to them—that’s one reason to keep a journal. Another reason to keep a journal is that it helps us play with our dreams. A dream journal becomes a meeting place for the dreaming and waking minds. Finding that meeting place is one of the themes of this book. Hanging out in that place is one of the goals of this book.

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