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World Mandalas

100 New Designs for Colouring and Meditation
Paperback Book
Octopus Books
February, 2018
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Mandalas, sacred circle designs, have been used in spiritual traditions around the world as a focus for meditation and healing. This book presents 100 original mandala designs for you to colour based on traditional Celtic, Christian, Buddhist, Native American, and Hindu sources. A full-color introduction gives detailed background information about the use of mandalas in world cultures. It is illustrated with colourful reproductions of traditional mandala designs to inspire your own creative efforts. The book also includes complete instructions for colouring the mandalas as an aid to insight, creative self-expression, and meditation. Beautiful and enlightening, the classic mandala designs in the book include rose window designs from the cathedrals of Europe, Navajo sand paintings, Hindu yantras, traditional Buddhist thangka scroll designs, and motifs from illuminated Celtic manuscripts. You will find coloring these inspiring designs to be entertaining, relaxing, and illuminating.

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