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Yantra Mantra

Sacred Light Sacred Sound
Lightsource / White Swan
June, 2012
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Banyen's Description: 

YANTRA MANTRA ~ “Sacred Light ~ Sacred Sound” is a stunning media package featuring Deva Premal’s awesomely heartful chanted mantras combined with unfolding spectral yantra-mandalas. Beautiful... centering... quite a sweet trip.

Disc 1 is a 102-minute music video, quite entrancing as the mantras and yantras work their glowing harmonics in the viewer/listener’s being.

Disc 2 of Yantra Mantra is a DVD-ROM Interactive Meditation Programs, a Screen Saver, and MP3 music files. Also included is a live performance of “So Much Magnificence” and an interview with Deva Premal and Miten. As the liner notes say, “lots of good stuff.”

This work contains spiritual frequencies expressed through the ethereal splendor of Deva Premal’s enchanting voice, combined with the breathtaking beauty of LightSOURCE living mandalas in 2D and 3D.

YANTRA MANTRA is a synthesis of sound, movement and color that nurtures the soul, activates personal transformation, facilitates mental and physical relaxation, and leads to wholesome awareness.

Use YANTRA MANTRA to attract beauty, healing, and living joy into your life – - or just feel great. YANTRA MANTRA can lead to personal intimate awakening and be shared with your circle of friends. Perfect for gatherings, group meditations, or just to feel at home in your heart. In your presence create a vivid mystical experience to captivate your attention and free your imagination. Breathe with awareness,enjoy, and Let Go!

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