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The Yin and Yang of Self-Compassion

Cultivating Kindness and Strength in the Face of Difficulty
Spoken Word CD
Sounds True
September, 2019
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In the face of a threatening or unjust situation, have you ever kept silent because you didn't want to rock the boat or make things worse? And then did you wonder: "Next time, how can I become stronger and more effective?"

That's the purpose of The Yin and Yang of Self-Compassion. Kristin Neff, PhD, created this inspiring audio program to help you understand and build the two complementary aspects of this crucial skill:

The receptive Yin side self-compassionhow to soothe and comfort yourself when you're in pain, and rest in loving, connected presence when alone or with those you care about.

The active Yang side self-compassionhow to see the truth of a situation with courage, protect yourself, and stand strong with others in the face of hostility or harm.

In the years since Kristin Neff first identified the trait of self-compassion, we now know that being kind to ourselves does not weaken us. In fact, just the opposite is true: it makes us more confident, grounded, and resilient amid crisis.

Through fascinating research, stories from Kristin's own experiences as a mother and scientist, and many guided practices, you'll learn how to cultivate the full spectrum of self-compassionto support yourself and others when it matters the most.

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