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Yoga Bones

A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Pain and Orthopedic Injuries through Yoga
Paperback Book
Hachette Books
January, 2021
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The first and only accessible and yoga-inspired approach to managing orthopedic issues and injuries

Yoga Bones, written by author, occupational therapist, and yoga instructor Laura Staton, guides readers to manage their pain, be it from injury or after orthopedic surgery, with yoga-inspired and occupational therapist-approved stretches and exercises designed to increase strength and decrease pain.

Organized by sections of the body, each chapter includes a curated menu of fully-photographed yoga asana-based exercises, guiding anyone from yoga experts to newbies..

Yoga Bones also includes Functional Wellness sections designed to explore the emotional components of healing. For example, a reader with neck pain can find both a menu of physical stretches which can help lessen the pain, but also energetic exercises and meditations for a healing that is holistic.

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