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Yoga: A Path to Awareness

Selected Essays
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October, 2016
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What does is mean to walk the path of yoga? How do we gain self-awareness? What is liberation? These are a few of the essential questions Swami Sivananda Radha explores in Yoga: A Path to Awareness.

This collection, gathered from her published articles and archives, tells the larger story of how yoga can be a life-long journey. Swami Radha returns to the core themes that formed her body of teachings: what enlightenment really looks like; the character building foundation of Kundalini Yoga; the mysteries of mind and consciousness; and the importance of self-knowledge. As always she is an inspirational guide, encouraging us to think deeply about how we live our lives, to keep asking questions and finding our own answers.

We evolve spiritually through our own personal efforts to understand the power that keeps us alive, the power that makes our minds work. As we grow in awareness, we start to understand more of that cosmic power. In India the name given to that power is Kundalini. In Greece it is called the "soul."...

Ask yourself many questions, and always be willing to challenge your own answers. How does a mind—which itself cannot be found and seen—function? What makes the mind work? Where does the mind get its power? These could be the first questions to pursue.

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