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The Zen of Listening

Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction
Paperback Book
April, 2003
$24.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Poor listening is a factor in many tragedies—high suicide rates, family breakups, school violence, and substance abuse. Also tragic is the student who suffers from poor concentration, below-average school performance, and low self-esteem because good listening is not first practiced at home. Poor listening results in millions of dollars of lost revenue in business due to inefficient teamwork, impersonal customer service, and litigation. And how many medical malpractice suits can be traced to someone's lack of attention?

Why don't we listen better to our spouses, kids, bosses, and clients? Rebecca Shafir says it's because we live in this high-tech Age of Distraction. The bombarding media and today's "do-it-all" mentality alienate us from one another by reducing attention span and increasing anxiety. The need for speed and the desire to succeed can distort even the clearest messages. But it is the internal distractions -- the mental noise and negative self-talk -- that most inhibit our ability to truly listen.

Unlike other books on communication, The Zen of Listening lays the inner groundwork for effective listening. The Zen practice of mindfulness allows us to filter out both inner and outer distractions so that we get the whole message. This fun and practical guide teaches how to focus under stress, concentrate in lectures and meetings, cope with information overload, increase memory and attention span, and enhance inner growth and creativity.

When we access our natural ability to listen well, our relationships begin to flourish in all areas of life. We enjoy more success in our work, more intimacy with our loved ones, and newfound peace in the quiet center of our being.

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