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Sharing the Journey: Art, Poetry, Writing

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Sharing the Journey: Art, Poetry, Writing

Here be a council circle for artists, writers, poets: all people co-creating new forms in our lives, here, today. Join us to share your process, challenges, questions, or your fledgling or polished versions/visions, artworks, images, poems, stories, links to your work in progress, or whatever Art-fullness is flowing through YOU these days. Let’s “press the Art Pedal to the floor!”  Feel free to post your comments and responses to other comments made.

Art -Fullness

On this beautiful Earth Day 2013, may I offer my heart felt gratitude to you Kolin, and all the contributors, for creating such a deep and wide, beautiful and bursting with abundance online Reservoir.   Art ~ Full indeed!  May the online community drink long and deep, be inspired, nourished and transformed by this University of Life.  Congratulations and the Best of Blessings!    Om Peace ~ m