Store is Open!

Welcome Back Fellow Humans!

We are following guidelines from the provincial government and WorkSafe BC.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with some
new rules for the safety and comfort
of our staff and our shared Banyen community.


  • Masks or face coverings are required while browsing. Free disposable masks are available upon request.
  • We will be limiting the number of customers in the store to 15.
  • We ask you to limit your visit to about half an hour.
  • Hand sanitizer is required upon entry to the store. You may use your own. We have dispensers placed thoughout the store with unscented non-sticky alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  • Most seating has been removed. Please keep the remaining chairs for those who physically need them.
  • Please handle books & merchandise as little as possible.
  • Keep physical distance of 2 metres between yourself and other customers--be kind and make space where you can!
  • Follow & respect the instructions of staff while you are visiting us.
  • Please don't consume food while in the store.
  • We encourage you to continue to shop online and use either mail delivery or pickup options.
  • Pickup orders can be placed over the phone or on our website.
  • All our books, decks and journals are on our website and many of our gift items, so please use the website to browse ahead of your visit.
  • Thank you so much for your love and patience during these challenging times. :)

    Like you, we miss the days of an easy way of being at Banyen and creating a safe and inviting place for customers to spend deep, nourishing time amongst the wisdom and delights upon the shelves. However, now is not the time for long extended visits to Banyen, or for large groups of friends to come and hang-out together in the store. This is all temporary, yet challenging, and we understand that everyone is tired and patience is wearing thin. Please hang in there with us as we need to continue to work as a community in cooperation to keep our physical interactions limited: so we are less close, less often, and for less time.
    Let's keep safe and at ease in "spacious solidarity."
    We are deeply grateful for your support and understanding.


If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms, please stay home--do not visit us at this time! Have a friend come for you, or shop on our website.