Bearing Witness: Honouring our Ancestors at Auschwitz

January 27th is Holocaust Memorial Day. In honour of this day, the memories it calls forth, and the importance of the painful lessons from our shared human history, may we all take a moment to remember our ancestors and, hopefully, dispel the darkness with a spark of love.

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In Remembrance

It's our unique human gift to remember. And to re-member is to put something back together.
We're given life through our parents, as they were through their parents, all the way back. And when the natural flow of giving life is broken through the losses of war, we all feel and live with these holes in our human family fabric. We in Canada are descendants of many who fought fascism and slavery, and who died in that fight. May we remember what they died for... freedom to live in diversity and peace. Freedom to sing, dance, and feast together. Let's have a Remembrance Feast to honour the living and the dead. May our ancestors be fed with our loving today.

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