New at Banyen - Fall Crystals Arrival

Thousands of new crystals have arrived! Come in and see the stunning crystal allies that will be coming out throughout the season.


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Top 10 Gifts Items at Banyen

Here are Banyen's current 10 most popular gift items. Some are newer, while others are Banyen standards. Come in to see all that we have!

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Milaya Designs

New at Banyen

Milaya Jewellery

"One of a kind crystals made for one of a kind souls."

Beautifully handcrafted jewellery made with hand picked crystals and minerals.
Local artisan, Sara Scherbakov-Coutts draws her inspiration from all things natural to create unique wearable gems. All gems are held simply with either vermilion gold or silver allowing the essence of the crystal to shine through.
Come in and see this light and airy collection, perfect for spring and summer's warm weather.

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