Apela Colorado Interview - Ancestral & Indigenous Wisdom

In this interview with Banyen Books, Apela Colorado discusses Woman Between the Worlds: A Call to Your Ancestral and Indigenous Wisdom.

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Jesse Thistle Interview - From the Ashes

In this interview with Banyen Books, Jesse Thistle discusses his book From the Ashes: My Story of Being Métis, Homeless, and Finding My Way.

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Inka Antaurko - Ancient Inca Wisdom & Healing Tradition

Inka Antaurko is a spiritual Leader from the original Chawpin Marka Pacha community in the Tawantinsuyo, Ancash Peru. He is a keeper of the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Inca spiritual tradition. Antaurko brings this ancestral wisdom to today’s world for well-being and the development of human consciousness. He is the founder of Wasy Kamaq, Inka Spiritual Knowledge Centre in the indigenous Quechua community, Pampas Lampas, Peru. Inka Antaurko was joined in this event by healer Isabelle Ixchel Garceau. This event was hosted by Banyen Books & Sound in August 2020.

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Elder Wilson & Charlene Bearhead - Reconciliation in Action

Wilson Bearhead and Charlene Bearhead share their experiences, insight and hopes for the future related to truth seeking, reconciliation and our individual agency to create positive, collective change in this country. This online event was hosted by Banyen Books & Sound, July 2020.

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