Martin Shaw Interview - Looking to the Wild in the Time of the Spyglass

In this interview with Banyen Books, Dr. Martin Shaw speaks about his book Smoke Hole: Looking to the Wild in the Time of the Spyglass.

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Dr. Martin Shaw Interview - Pandemic & Mythic Meanings of this Cultural Moment

Dr. Martin Shaw, one of the great master storytellers of our time, discusses the mythology and meanings of our current cultural moment and the global coronavirus pandemic. Interview host Ross McKeachie got ahold of Dr. Martin Shaw in his cottage in Dartmoor, UK, where he was on the 10th day of 14 days of isolation before being able to go home and see his daughter. With the COVID-19 pandemic at the top of everyone's mind and Dr. Shaw, fresh off of a 101 day ritual in the forest and now taking time to reflect, they tap into a state of wonder around the current mythology unfolding in the world. Questions are explored, such as: How do we sit with our discomfort and use this potent time for our own and the planet's transformation? With humour and word-weaving, Dr.

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