A Short History of MantraVani’s Christmas in the Round/Winter Solstice Celebration

Christmas in the Round & Winter Solstice Celebration began 25 years ago with the MantraVani Orchestra. The first concert was at Kits Neighbourhood House, and this year the MantraVani Orchestra is happy to return to for this 25th Anniversary Celebration!

The word “Vani” in Hindi refers to sound, voice and expression. “In The Round” is an ancient music/theatrical concept, where the musicians are seated in a circle in the center of the room and the audience sits in concentric circles out from the center. This formation creates an atmosphere of unity and connection to the group and the music.

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Winter Solstice Reflections

Many traditions today call our attention to the roots of Christmas that are far older than the story of Jesus, traditions of renewal, and the return of light into a darkened world: the lighting of candles, evergreens, feasting and generosity -- are echoes of a past that extends many thousands of years further than we ever before imagined.

The Mesopotamians were first, it claims, with a 12-day festival of renewal, designed to help the god Marduk tame the monsters of chaos for one more year.

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