Orit Sen-Gupta Interview - Touching the Sacred

In this Banyen interview, Orit Sen-Gupta, Sanskrit scholar, founder of Vijnana Yoga International, and respected Yoga teacher, speaks about stillness and spaciousness and the practice of movement and sitting that bring us closer to the experience of the sacred.

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New at Banyen - Lotus Wraps

Lotus Wraps are an easy, secure, and comfortable tool in which to sit and stretch while being deeply supported. They are locally designed out of a strongly woven natural linen. Earth to Ethers lovingly makes the wraps in small batches, and all of their packaging is either recyclable or compostable.

The Lotus Wrap was born during its founder Kara’s sitting meditation practice. She felt that to be able to focus more on her inner state, she first had to address the distraction of her uncomfortable outer state. Now, the supportive Lotus Wraps are being used, both for sitting and yoga practices. They can also be used as a chair around the home or in the park. Enclosed with every Lotus Wrap, there is an easy-to-use guide. In August, we welcome these wraps into our store. Come in and try them out!

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New Products for Environmentally Conscious Yogis

Jade and Barefoot Yoga:
for the Environmentally Conscious Yogi

We are proud to introduce two new lines of eco-friendly yoga props. Jade and Barefoot Yoga are both environmentally and socially conscious companies providing quality, natural choices for one's yoga practice.

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